TANGLEWOOD Patch 1.01 is now LIVE!

Hello everyone!

Patch 1.01

A patch has just gone live, which addresses the following:

  • Fixed a startup crash on Windows 7 with video drivers missing the glMapBufferRangeARB extension
  • Fixed Windows 10 high DPI scaling feature causing the game window to be the wrong size, or in the wrong position
  • Fixed a bug on Windows 10 causing the game window to draw behind the taskbar in some screen resolutions
  • The TANGLEWOOD Mega Drive game manual is now included in PDF format along with the ROM

Thank you for everyone's patience while we tracked down the problems, please do let me know in the Discussions section if you experience any more issues, or email help@tanglewoodgame.com.


Matt <3


TANGLEWOOD for Windows/Mac/Linux/SEGA Mega Drive 43 MB
Aug 17, 2018
TANGLEWOOD Demo for Windows/Mac/Linux (ZIP) 48 MB
Aug 17, 2018

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